Register with Startup India:

Registering your startup with Startup India is commonly known as being recognized by DPIIT( Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade). In it’s Startup Policy drafted in 2010, the Government of India has provided multiple benefits for startups that are registered with it. A few of the benefits include:

  1. Tax benefits
  2. Easier compliance
  3. IPR fast-tracking
  4. Easier public procurement norms
  5. Easy winding up of company and more!

Register with Startup Karnataka

Karnataka, being one of the most vibrant and sort after startup ecosystem was the first state in the country to draft it’s own Startup Policy in line with the Startup India Policy. With this policy in place since 2015, Startups that are registered with Startup Karnataka get various benefits from the Startup Government that help them grow and manage their businesses with ease. A few benefits include:

  1. Self-certifications for various statutory permissions.
  2. VAT/ CST/ ST exemptions
  3. Reimbursements of Patents Spends.
  4. Reimbursements of Marketing Spends.
  5. Subsidized seats in Govt. supported Incubators, TBIs.
  6. A better deal for women entrepreneurs in incubators.
  7. Access to IDEA2PoC Funding.
  8. Participate in Govt. sponsored Exposure Visits.
  9. Make a difference through “Grand Challenges”.
  10. Avail Funding under GoK Fund of Funds and many more!

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