Yes. We extensively work with various government grants and private funds. Based on the quality of the startup, we can discuss about funding.

Yes. Once you pitch in one of the IKP Twilight hour pitch session, we will be able to help you out with mentoring for your startup.

The workshop access at the K-tech Innovation Hub, powered by IKP lets you use state of the art equipment, machinery and tools that are available in the metal and wood working shops at the center.

Yes. Once you are incubated with us, you will need to be with us for a minimum period of 90 days.

Yes, all the K-tech innovation Hubs, powered by IKP have a 70W laser cutting machine. It can be used to cut/etch wood and acrylic.

Yes. At K-tech Innovation Hubs, powered by IKP we help you create prototypes using acrylic 3D models.

At present, to get incubated with us, you will need to have at-least one co-working/workshop access.

Absolutely. In fact, there are various special offers that are provided to meritorious startups. Do ask our community managers for the best offer for your startup!

Yes, you can do so. However, there are a few standard processes to be followed. You can enquire about the same by contacting us

Yes, we would love to help you with your idea valuation. Walk into your nearest K-tech Innovation Hub, powered by IKP and talk to one of our community managers. They should be able to help you valuate your idea.

We are a hardware incubator for startups in the state. It is a joint project of the Government of Karnataka and IKP Knowledge Park

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