High-Speed WiFi:
Internet is a basic need for today’s tech savvy startups. We understand this need very well. All our centers across Karnataka are equipped with high speed internet lines. WiFi is available 24*7, 365 days in our centers. 

Every business needs a strong uninterrupted power supply to be able to function seamlessly. At K-tech Innovation Hubs, powered by IKP we have made sure that the startups working with us have uninterrupted power supply at all times while working at the center. 

Every CIF has a cafeteria that is equipped with the basic needs of a panty such as a microwave and a fridge where entrepreneurs and innovators can have a pleasant meal. Beverages like coffee and tea are available on request. 

Meeting & Conference rooms:
Founders tend to attend a lot of meeting and conferences and many times they will need to host the same at their office location. Well, we have got you covered for this at our CIFs. We have exclusive meeting rooms and a conference room at every center across the 5 cities. 

House keeping & security: 
As startups, there would be a lot of stuff that would be around your workspace. Specially if you are building something, then the mess created is unimaginable and would require a lot of time to cleanup after work everyday. For the same, we have fully trained house keeping staff who would take care of the cleaning for you and ensure you work in a spot less environment. All our centers are guarded by CCTVs and experienced security guards 24*7, 365 days. 

Classroom with Projector:
Every CIF has a class that is equipped with a projector and screen. The capacity of each classroom would be between 30-50 people depending on the location. Training classes for various skillsets like entrepreneurship, lateral thinking, financial projections, communication skills, softskills, trade market, design thinkings, etc can be conducted in these class rooms. They are available on rental basis. 

Plug and play infrastructure: 
As a CIF, we understand the need of startups to iterate and re-iterate their plans and prototypes over and over again. We have our infrastructure planned in such a way that we can customise it for your requirement. We can move around tables, make arrangments as per your requirement. We have have technical staff who could help you with your iterations. 

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