Rajajinagar is one of the most prominent localities of Bengaluru. K-tech Innovation Hub, IKP is located right inside the heart of Rajajinagar industrial area in the 6th block. It is inside the Government Tool Room and Training Center (GTTC). This strategic location of the Common Instrumentation Facility (CIF), has enabled startups to build their prototypes with even more ease. The manufacturing facilities of GTTC are an add-on service that startups of the K-tech Innovation Hub can go to, as and when required.   The locality also houses other important facilities that can foster the growth of early-stage businesses like the MSME board, DIC, SBI bank and more.

  •   Each member of your team gets an access card, so that you can access the facility 24/7
  •   Ground Floor workshop (if availed) is accessible from 9AM to 7PM on all days except National and State holidays
  •   Subsidized access to other centres when they are ready
  •   Access cards are NOT transferable
Basic Office Space Needs
  • Access to shared seating and/or private cabin as per your requirement
  • Access to meeting Room(s) on a fair use basis
  • One board room cum meeting room with 12 seater capacity
  • Cafeteria space, get your own food
  • Tables (simple, sturdy, colourful), Chairs (Featherlite).
  • 30 seater classroom on a per day rental basis (not included in plan)
  • Printing and Scanning Services, handling incoming couriers
Prototyping & Research Needs
  • Metal Workshop – Lathe, ARC and TIG Welding, Power Tools
  • Wood Workshop – Power tools, table saw, hand tools
  • CNC Laser cutter (For wood and plastics)
  • 3D printing (FDM & SLA) NOTE: 3D printing is chargeable by time and material
  •   Electronics testing
  •   Electricity, UPS (15 kVA), and 62 kVA DG Power backup
  •   Internet (LAN and Wi-Fi) – Two 100 Mbps broadband lines from EMWaves    
  •   Dedicated broadband internet lines for larger teams
  •   Housekeeping 12/7
  •   Security 24/7
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