We believe in helping startups build, grow & scale. Hence we have a number of value adds for startups in our network

We at K-tech Innovation hub,powered by IKP strive towards enabling the industries with the new and latest innovations that help them grow on a regular basis. In this regard, at regular intervals, we conduct industrial hackathons which aim to create awareness, develop, connect and facilitate the students and startups to solve the problems the industries face. Thus enabling holistic growth. Here is what we do at these Hackathons:

  • Problem collection:

We visit the industries in the state to talk to the industrialists with respect to the problems that are holding them back from further development. We make a list of the various problems that the industries give us and segregate them with respect to different sectors. 

  • Online registrations:

We open registrations online on our website once we have the list of challenges ready. Usually the applications can be submitted within 15 days of opening the registration.

  • One day workshop:

Once the registrations are done, we organise a one day workshop where we will brief the participants about what is the quality of solutions we are expecting. A few basic topics like financial viability of the solutions, business plan, timeline etc will be discussed. 

  • The Hackathon:

Post the workshop, the participants will be given a day’s time to come up with the solution for the problems available at hand and present to the jury. The jury will carefully evaluate these solutions based on novelty, scalability, business model and technical feasibility. The winners will be awarded with prizes and connected with the industries from where the problems were originally taken from.

Funding is a crucial part of a startups journey. There are many different ways in which startups can suffice their need for funds. Some of the common methods would be through bootstrap methods like using the founders’ savings, raising an initial round from friends and family, applying and winning government grants and challenges, approaching incubation centers or angel investors for seed funding. At K-tech innovation hub, powered by IKP we enable funding for startups through: 

  • ICO-Fund
  • Biotechnology Ignition Grant Program (BIG Program)
  • GCE-India
  • GC-TBC
  • Angel investors

Pitching is one of the most common parts of a journey of a startup. Be it hardware or software based startups, they will need to pitch to different people at different times. Pitching can be seen during:

  • Convincing your friend to join you as a cofounder
  • Trying to raise your first round of capital from friends and family
  • Applying to various grants and challenges
  • Seeking funds through investment agencies

We help you build your pitch decks as neat as it can get. We have multiple sessions such as the IKP Twilight hours where startups get opportunities to pitch their business to a panel of experienced mentors. At these sessions, the entrepreneurs would be able to experience the heat that usually comes with pitching and learn to handle the same. The ability of the founders to face the hard hitting questions from investors will be spiked during these sessions.

The importance of knowing the basics can not be stressed enough while you want to startup. K-tech Innovation Hub, powered by IKP hosts multiple webinars where important topics like:

  • Idea identification:

Idea identification or more aptly problem identification is the first important step for a startup. Our webinars are focused on how one should open their mind, think out of the box to find a problem that needs solving. 

  • Idea validation and find solution:

Once an idea is identified, it is very important to analyze it from various aspects to know the viability of the idea. One must consider the socioeconomic aspects of the idea while validating it and finding a solution. 

  • Market study:

After finding a solution to the identified problem, it becomes an absolute necessity to do a throughout analysis of the market. This will help one understand the potential of the business. 

  • Business plan creation:

This is the most vital document of a startup. The complete business plan that includes every small detail about the business can be found here and we help develop an extensive business plan in our webinars.

  • Minimum Viable Product:

The minimum viable product is the first look of the product/service that a startup would be working on. It will have all the necessary features to test the viability of the product.

  • Team building:

The team of a startup is an integral part of the success or failure of the startup. There are many things one should consider while building a team for their startup. The same would be discussed during our webinars. 

  • Importance of milestone based journey:

Startups that perform with milestones in mind tend to perform better than the rest. They also have been the first ones to receive funding from the top investors. Steps to set your milestones and work towards them will be explained in these sessions.

  • And more!

When you startup, it is very easy to know what you need to do. But it is very important to also know what you should not do. You can come to know about this only with experience and this is exactly where our mentors from K-tech Innovation Hub, powered by IKP help you. We have multiple mentoring programs like the IKP Twilight hours for example where we help startups analyse themselves and move forward with more strength. You can approach us if you are looking for mentoring in the following domains: 

  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Team building
  • IP
  • Compliance
  • And more

The 21st century has seen a very beautiful trend where women have started making a world of difference by creating a world with more women-led initiatives, institutes and businesses. At K-tech Innovation Hub, powered by IKP we thrive to enable Women who are trying to become an entrepreneur or already halfway there to move to the next level. We cater to various challenges faced by women entrepreneurs and help them break the stereotype.

Entrepreneurship is no more about just making money. It is also about bringing about a positive change in the society that we live in. To be able to make India move towards improved levels of sustainable development, we need to have more social entrepreneurs and social startups booming in the country. Through K-tech Innovation Hub, powered by IKP we bring more power to startups that are working on social causes. There are multiple benefits for such entrepreneurs that included but not limited to discounted pricing for availing our services, exclusive mentoring, and more!

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